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There are always associated downloading fees with adult videos or the cost of buying them is so outrageous. But thanks to VideoBox, that was previously known as Climax Corner, you will find a huge collection of adult videos that have the friendliest prices on the internet with the videobox coupon applied, of course.

You can access more than 15,000 DVDs by paying a relatively small amount. A good thing about the cheap subscription is that you will access amongst the naughtiest videos that are updated day in and out. Roughly 6 new videos are added in the system every day.

You will get an opportunity to download over 88,000 scenes that cover themes like gonzo, kink, interracial and amateur. They come in various formats and a number of sexual actions that will get you glued. Most of the videos are of perfect quality, but the HD option is in almost 4,500 videos. They can be downloaded to portable gadgets them be streamed in Flash, however, you will not find any photo gallery.

A special option of editing your own video to down load is available in the platform as well. The complete clips are listed in scenes which gives you a chance of dragging a bar across your needed scenes. That will allow you to get rid of the intro and the end parts of the full-length videos.

Another feature of Videobox is the Flow Mode that has around 20 porn screenshots that flow in the player simultaneously. That allows you to easily click on the most captivating scene that will then play in a screen that will open on top of the other scenes. You will also be able to filter the scenes in relation to their criteria.

The navigation interface allows you to browse through categories by title, series, performer or studio or you can simply click on clips. Furthermore, you can simplify everything by looking for whichever video you wish by using the search engine. You can add a clip that you like while watching to your Favorites for an easier re-watching. One is also able to change the interface to exhibit the Vivid or the Evil channels so that you can see only the contents from whichever of the common studios.

If you choose the 18-month membership, you will be awarded with a free Roku box that allows you to stream the contents on your TV. Join the club here and experience the addictive and satisfying nature of VideoBox.