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Dare Dorm has lots of promises, like winning ten thousand dollars! But who is eligible? And how do they get to win this cash? Well stick with us as we check out this porn site.

College is where minds are molded, futures are carved, intelligence is fostered, and the best place to get an all rounded higher education. The goal is to get in, do your best, and come out shinning and successful. Various hassles like fees, expenses, and the constant need for money can be very stressful at times. One avenue that many are now exploring is “whoring” for the camera, and getting some much needed cash!

The guys who came up with this site promised to put “cash dollars” into the hands of coed students who submit the most tantalizing, nasty, erotic videos of their sexual escapades. The mere thought of a gaggle of hot coeds sexing and doing all manner of sexual things is enough to raise our temperature!

Dare Dorm has action that varies from group orgies, lesbian, one-on-one, and other scenarios. You will watch the students get orally examined, and pass with thick whitish fluid all over the place. The party seems to be of an infinite nature on this site as the coeds have mucho fun! The navigation features and tools inside can be seen when you check out the member’s area. There are sections that you can check out including Live Girls, Specials, Feedback, and so on.

You will see that a lot of the action shown is actually filmed inside dorm rooms. This makes the “amateur-looking-videos” have more weight and authenticity. It is probably irrelevant whether the material is real or not. What matters is whether it is quality amateur coed action that will hold your dick in permanent erection and attention! And we are glad to report that this is exactly what this site has to offer. 

The production style used in making the site’s material is mostly up-close and candid. There are scenes where they have a third camera guy. There are lots of parties, naked coeds dancing, flirting, stripping, sexing, and being young and wild. There is a flash player for streaming. There is a .zip file for picture downloads. There are full videos inside that can take 55 minutes playtime. No downloads on this site for the movies so make do with the fast streaming services. Also, the site doesn’t have a lot of material and has a sluggish “two-updates-per-month” schedule. 

A site that has little material (like this one) is very hard to recommend fully. What Dare Dorm is doing is still growing in the unique coed-niche market. If you would like to grow with them, then by all means click, join, and enjoy!