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You know what they say, if you’re running out of money and down to the ghettos, might as well make a sex tape and skyrocket your way to affluence. Who could ever forget the philosophies of the master-bator Oleg? Anyhow, it really makes a lot of sense. People are after all the procreators of the world and we do so through sex. Period. Why not make something artful and even make a living out of it? Won’t that be just the perfect combination? A more than stable life and having your gauges filled all the time. This is perhaps some of the things women who go to the adult industry think about and it’s rather practical more than it is slutty.

Furthermore, if you want to see how these beauties end up being hooked to the porno arena, you would definitely want to check out Backroom Casting Couch. 

The site is all about women who engage the porn industry, perhaps the inception of their lustful journey. While everyone has a reason for the things that they do, people will only focus on the fact that you’re doing it. They don’t care about why you do it, but they do take pleasure in seeing you naked and doing what animals do out in the open. Backroom Casting Couch showcases real life women in their real life engagements to the porn industry. It shows you how the whole hiring process goes, from the interviews all the way to the “physical assessment” part. 

The site has compiled over 280 interview and audition videos that run from 20 to 30 minutes each. You will get to see how interesting things really move throughout an interview. It’s like receiving a gift straight to your office, especially with the POVs that would definitely elicit the horniest response from your brain. With its $21 monthly subscription fee, you can definitely count on the fact that your money is safe and effectively used.