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The porn stars with the familiar names at Wicked Pictures do what they do best and that is please the audience. It is too bad you won’t be able to save the favorites here as it would be nice to come back to the videos you really enjoyed. All the photos and videos here are exclusive to the website so you won’t find them at any other site. There is no advanced search tool in this website though as you would have to make do with the basic search tool and that would be a big help as it would be better than no search tool at all.

There are 3096 Wicked Pictures galleries and they can be viewed here in timed slideshows or saved in a Zip file so you can view them whenever you are horny. The new sets here are already in high resolution so you won’t have a problem with that.

There are 3592 scenes here and they can be streamed on an embedded player or downloaded through various MP4 formats. Judging from the name, you would think this is a porn site that delivers pictures alone. That is where you are wrong as they also deliver nice videos. Actually, you would originally think that it is some type of horror movie but your cock would give the videos here a standing ovation.

The new videos come in several high definition formats while the older ones are not that bad either. It seems that they also give a portable device format as well so you can take a look at the videos no matter where you are so you can choose to jack off in the comfort room. There is a model index on Wicked Pictures where you can find all the models who posed nude in the website. You are going to be glad that all the girls here go nude as they are all as hot as a flaming wing.

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When you hear the world Playboy then you know your cock would get hard several times even after you just masturbated while imagining a girl deep throating your penis. That is the type of quality they deliver at Playboy Plus and they deliver the goods over at this site as well. It is too bad you have to rely on your video player that can play MP4 formats because this website only allows mp4 download which means no Windows Media player and AVI.

You would not experience much when you try the trial since the trial here is too limited. The total number of videos has so far amounted to 6068. The Playboy Plus videos can also be streamed on an embedded player. There are 6083 photo sets here and all of them can be saved in a Zip file. They can also be viewed in slideshows but your cock might end up not staying hard that way so it would be better to be masturbating on one picture only. You can’t expect any hardcore stuff here as Playboy quality is exclusively softcore stuff.

The videos here is too short to be enjoyed on but the length is enough to have someone jack off of them. They have a huge archive as they have material that dates back to 5 decades ago during a time when women were really liberal. There are lesbian scenes here but they don’t suck the pussy of each other as they are limited to touching the breasts of each other. If you are a fan of softcore porn then you will find a lot of cool action here. If you want things done the hardcore way then you could be disappointed with this site.

They do deliver in more ways than one when it comes to softcore action though. They provide daily updates which is what every porn fan wants. There are a bunch of links on the main page as some of them are useful while some would take you to pages where you have to pay extra in order to move on. It is a good thing Playboy Plus provides some helpful search tools in order to make you find what you are looking for right away. 

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There really is no deep hidden meaning to the site’s name “Anal Acrobats”. Basically, you can prepare to witness different beautiful gals engaging in deep butt and anal action that is of a hardcore nature. There are mountains of butt play and anal sex inside this site. 

According to the TOUR PAGE, the site is affiliated to the Evil Angel Network, so what does this mean? You will be able to watch High Quality action and you will also receive full access to the forty sites inside the Evil Angel Network. More is always better and this site gives you more action that is exclusive, more screenshots, and a model index not forgetting the constant updating schedule. The Anal Acrobats MEMBER’S AREA is a well laid out page that makes navigation a simple process. There is a menu that links you to the various scenes, episodes, and DVD material.

When you look at the production level and quality of the butt action inside, you will find that they are good and highly entertaining. Famous directors who make material for the Evil Angel Network are employed to produce this site’s material. The gal will use toys, their fingers, mouths and other objects to discover how far they can go with their impressive anal play.

There are scenes where long pricks stretch tight butts to new limits. Sometimes, the gals just want to play with each other and other scenes will give you orgies that are raunchy and anal centered. From the 472 videos, you will see all type of anal hardcore.  Older material inside have one or two viewing options while newer stuff has more flexibility. Among the video formats, you can expect mp4, flv, and wmv. Streaming and downloading is possible.

The 242 picture galleries (with 30 pictures per set) are easily accessible thanks to the useful gallery links. The images can at times be huge files and there are many screen cap pictures. The bonuses are immense and will keep you clicking and sampling for a long time. 

On the Anal Acrobats main page, the drop down menu lets you access these bonuses. The niches covered range from kinky, hardcore, milf, teen, etc. Whether you are watching the butt acrobats squeezing and engaging in anal sex, or you are surfing the various bonus sites, the one thing you can rely on is the consistent quality and erotic nature of the material. You can add favorites, check your account, change the language, watch material, and do various other things inside this premium anal hardcore site.

The 111 models inside love what they do and you can rate if they are good thanks to the interactive tools on the site. Anal Acrobats takes the anal niche and makes it interesting, captivating, erotic, and a must watch hardcore niche. Give them a chance and they will give you anal action of the highest caliber.

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Life is very stressful and sometimes you need something to help you unwind. Nuru Massage has that “sexual something” that will help you release some of your pent up stress.

Peter North is one extremely famous dude in the porn industry. It is safe to say that he has really done it all when it comes to porn. What he is most famous for however is his ability to spray long jets of sticky white cream, in other words, his spectacular cum shots. 

You have probably seen some of his masterpieces and now this official site is giving you the opportunity to eat up all the different material that this “cum shot master” has made. When you login to this site, the organization level of the homepage is marvelous. Every corner and every free space has been utilized to make the site beautiful.

There are menus and search tools members can use to find stuff and you will find the niche filters and other tools very helpful. A professional site is supposed to be versatile and enable free flow of information, easy navigation, and give members what they want. This is exactly what this premium site is doing for its members. 

Anybody who likes what PETER NORTH has made over the years will be happy and satisfied with the type of content inside this site. New members can sample some 3956+ videos and 60309+ picture sets. Many of the videos come from a collection of hundreds of DVD titles.

“Do you want to watch full HD material with 1080p quality?” Check out the 500+ videos and scenes that are full HD mode. There are some eleven options when it comes to viewing the updates and these options includes wmv, mpeg, flash, QuickTime, etc. With super fast servers, you will be able to download various videos or if you just want to stream, then do so and see Mr. Peter North display his sexual abilities. 

For those who feel like the amount of HD videos are too little, cheer up. Why? The site is constantly being updated and there are bonus materials that are in HD, which you can watch. The picture sets can have as many as fifty pictures each. The photos are professionally shot so expect High Res, creative angles, sexy gals, but there are no .zip file for downloads.

Maybe the site could cut back a bit on the ads but the navigation and the material inside is really quality hardcore action. After all, we all know that no porn site out there is 100% for all its members. There are interaction tools and Social Sites are interlinked into the site. Peter and his fans can now interact freely, and new members can learn more about this legend from the blog, bio, and journal inside this site. 

And to give you true value for your money, the site offers you seven bonus sites (many of them being premium sites). The legacy of this porn legend is as long as his massive facials on cute faces and asses. If you want quality and legendary hardcore action, constant updates, bonuses, and value for you money, Peter North is a solid investment!

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When the name Rocco Siffredi is mentioned, those who recognize it know of the quality and the impressive reputation that comes along with the name. This stud has been pounding for what seems to be an eternity. He has developed his name into a brand and now has his own official site to add to his many accomplishments.

Rocco Siffredi has been around the block more than once and he has creamed on screen so many times. He has been heavily involved in the industry and has had some very impressive sex-sessions with many of the major stars in the porn industry. The only way for you to understand what Mr. Rocco has to offer is to login on his site and do some deep exploration. There is a lot of information about the “man-turned-legend” inside the site. You can comment and ask questions using the various social media platforms embedded in the site.

Looking at the site’s navigation and layout, the major theme seems to be simplicity in everything about the site. You will get a nice collection of models with small butts, big tits, facials, and many other niches that will amaze and delight at the same time. The site currently hosts around 1515+ videos with more updates rolling in almost on a daily basis.

Rocco Siffredi’s website has collected some 530+ videos that are in full HD mode. The other videos run for like twenty minutes and still have a nice viewing quality. There is no limitation for downloads and you get mp4 and windows media formats. Looking at the pictures, members can enjoy some 244+ galleries with sets having 100 pictures each.

The .zip file pack lets you download all the pics you want and there are images with High Res quality inside the gallery. Siffredi does appear on many of the movies inside this site, after all, it is his site. With his impressive number of years in the game, sexing up cute babes, he has a really nice collection of material. His site also gives other studs the chance to do some damage, so expect to see some variations. Any bonus material? Glad you asked. The site is linked to the Fame Digital Network, which means for you, more material to drool over when you enroll for a membership on Rocco’s site. You will be treated to excellent porn inside this network with multiple niches, crazy sex sessions, hardcore penetrations, and tantalizing babes.

Rocco Siffredi is a site that really represents the man and shows you the kind of top-notch hardcore caliber that made him such a legend in the industry. You will definitely get your money’s worth on this.